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IDEA (Inspirational wall decor)


IDEA (Inspirational wall decor)


Canvas print poster with a difference

This poster is a unique piece of work that combines creative copy writing using intelligent word expansions along with an appropriately inspiring visual.  Printed on high quality canvas, exquisitely finished to high professional standards and ready to hang, this wall decor will make people pause, think and admire.  I hope this wall decor would add an element of inspiration, daily stimulation and be a point of conversation at home or office.

Spirit behind this poster
Good Ideas are

Ideas shape the world and good ideas transform the world.  Ideas spark innovation, create new businesses, trigger new discoveries and opportunities.  Everything we see, use and enjoy today was once just an idea in someone's head.  The Disney theme park that millions of tourists visit each year, was once an idea in Walt Disney's head.  The Ipad that millions of people use today, was once an idea in Steve Job's head.  There are many more examples to cite.  They all validate the fact that good ideas when executed well, are world transforming.  Every good idea must get validation on three counts:
1. Must grab attention
2. Be immensely valuable
3. Leave a lasting impact.
The concept of making a poster on the word 'Idea' with the message “Inspiration driven, Engaging attention”, and supported with an attention grabbing visual, itself felt like a good idea.  Hence I put this together.

Clear selection

This poster, lovingly crafted and done with lots of positive energy is printed and shipped from U.S.A.  It is printed on high quality canvas (not just photo paper) with vibrant fade resistant inks and coated with acrylic for extra protection.  The canvas front is taut and tight and the back is covered.  Overall finish will be very professional and is ready to hang.  It’s unique and different from other Wall art canvas prints in the market.

Highlights of key features:

  • CANVAS: Printed on premium quality genuine artist canvas with classic texture.
  • INK: Printed on 8 color ink jet printing with pigment based inks, providing exceptional vibrancy & fade resistance for a long time.
  • COATING: Canvas coated with scratch resistant acrylic coating
  • FRAME: Canvas mounted on solid 1-1/4” frame
  • CANVAS FACE: Stretched to be tight and firm without loosening.
  • CANVAS BACK: Closed with a black coated board giving a clean look.
  • CORNERS: Professionally finished corners without bulge or excess
  • HANGING: Ready to hang, per-fitted with hanging accessories
Dimensions 12 x 18 x 1.25 cm


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